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The Caller-ID service from your network operator

Telemarketer.png Most telephone operators provide a caller identity (Caller-ID) service that delivers the telephone number of the person who is calling you along with their call. If the telephone has a display screen you can then see who is calling you before you pick up (you are probably familiar with this sort of service from your mobile phone).

If you don’t have the Caller-ID service turned on then trueCall will still work and filter your calls, but because it can’t identify your callers it will intercept everyone and ask to them to identify themselves each time they call. To get the full benefit from trueCall we recommend that you turn on the Caller-ID service for your line.

The Caller-ID service is free from all network operators but you need to ask them to turn it on. Don't worry if your phone doesn't have a display window - you don't need to change your phone, but you do need to have Caller-ID turned on.