Top nuisance and scam calling numbers to UK households


Ranking Phone number Caller name Category
 1  01158712368 Life Insurance aggressive marketing
 2  01315614532 Ipsos Mori market research/survey
 3  08000338005 Three telecommunication call
 4  03335565564 Lowell dept collection
 5  03332029470 British Gas cold call/aggressive advertising
 6  01709242673 Vodafone Scam  telecommunication scam/tech support scam
 7  08004970747 Domestic and General insurance call
 8  01482293839 Vodafone (fake)  telecommunication scam/tech support scam
 9  01616966054  insurance call
 10  02922229992 Smart Meter scam energy cold call/aggressive advertisement
 11  01418466477 Scottish Power (Scam) cold call/cost trap
 12  08005610170 Capital One financial advice
 13  08000478519 Phishing Scam loans cam/dept collection
 14  08004089340 Virgin Media  communication scam/grant scam
 15  07953222222 EE (telephone company)  energy scam/gas cold call
 16  08008021484 Sky telecommunciations tv/telecommunication scam
 17  08456021111 British Telecommunication (BT) telecommunication scam/broadband scam
 18  03333440000 Text message  text message/service text
 19  03452962834 Populus  market research/survey/advertising
 20  01619687065 Moorcroft  debt collection call
 21  08005610170 Capital One  debt collection scam/
 22  08001697762 Lloyds Bank (Spoofed)  bank service/ fake bank call
 23  02920858765 Link Financial  loan scam/debt collection call
 24  07596863186 Ab*Randmillsee  solar sales/energy scam
 25  01423223544 survey call  survey call/data collection





Data comes from the trueCall database and the Tellows database ( You can search Tellows for details of known nuisance and scam callers, or download the Tellows App on your mobile to warn you about risky calls (

If you use the App, or post a report on Tellows about a call you have received, then trueCall will make the data available to UK enforcement authorities to help them track down the rogues!