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Standard profile

When you receive your trueCall unit it is set up with the Standard Profile. trueCall lets through the calls of people you do want to talk to (Star list callers) and blocks the calls of those you don't (Zap list callers).

trueCall intercepts all other callers (without your phone ringing) and asks them to say their name - for example:

“Hello, you’re through to the Smiths - we’re screening our calls. Please say your name after the tone then press Hash”

If the caller doesn’t say anything, trueCall will say “Goodbye” and hang up. If the caller does say their name (e.g. “Sally”), trueCall puts them on hold then rings your phone. When you pick up, trueCall announces the caller:-

“You have a call from - Sally - Press 1 to accept the call, hash to Zap the caller, or hang up to ask the caller to leave a message. Press star to accept the call and Star the caller”

Having heard the caller’s name spoken in their own voice, you can now decide how you want to deal with the call - If you want to speak to the caller, press ‘1’ on your phone, and trueCall will connect you to the caller. If you don’t want to speak to the caller, but want trueCall to take a message, just hang up - trueCall will ask the caller to leave a message. If you want to tell the caller to go away and not call you again, press the hash key on your phone ( # ) and then hang up. trueCall will play them the Zap announcement telling them that you are not interested in their call.

In addition, if you have received the caller’s number, they will be automatically added to your Zap list. If you want to speak to the caller, and are happy to receive calls from them in the future, press the star button on your phone. trueCall will add the caller’s number to your Star list, then connect you to them.

This process is called Whisper and it is very effective - most telemarketers hang up when they are asked to say their name; silent calls and recorded message can't press hash so are rejected; malicious callers are reluctant to identify themselves, and know that in any case you won’t accept their call.

You can personalise your Whisper announcement by recording it in your own voice using your own choice of words. If the Standard Profile doesn't meet your needs there are four other pre-set profiles to choose from, or you can fully customise your own. You can change your Profile using the Handset Menu or by logging in to your Internet Control Panel.