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Call Blocker

Blocker unit
trueCall Call Blocker is like having a home receptionist who lets calls from your friends and family straight through, blocks unwelcome callers, and asks unrecognised callers to identify themselves before it puts them through. This gives you peace and quiet at home.

trueCall Call Blocker is easy to set up – you just plug it in between your phone and the wall socket and it quickly learns who you like to speak to and who you don’t. You decide how you want it to handle your calls, and trueCall Call Blocker does the rest.

It doesn’t end there - you can optionally manage and control your trueCall unit online through your personal Internet Control Panel. This allows you to view a log of all your incoming and outgoing calls, edit your trusted callers list and change your configuration settings. Online access is free for the first year after which there is an annual charge of £20. See example here.

Join our community! You can choose to block numbers that appear on our community block list - these are phone numbers that other trueCall users are blocking.

With the optional Call Recorder memory card you can record incoming and outgoing phone calls and play them back on your PC.

To access all of ​trueCall Call Blocker's features you need the Caller-ID service from your network provider (this is often free)​.

We have a special version of trueCall for visually impaired customers - trueCall Vi.

Take back control of your phone!