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Recording Calls

Call Recording
The optional trueCall Call Recorder memory card allows you to make audio recordings of some or all of your phone calls. It also allows you to save any important voicemail messages.

Why would you want to record calls?
  • When you have bought something over the phone it is easier to resolve disputes over ‘who said what to who, and when’ - this can prevent mis-selling and slamming
  • If you receive malicious calls, this information may make it easier to take action to stop them
  • Banks and insurance companies often keep recordings of calls for their own protection - why shouldn’t you do the same?
  • You can keep a record of harassment by debt collection companies
trueCall Call Recorder is an SD Card - the same sort of memory card that is used in many digital cameras. It comes with trueCall Message Centre software that allows you to copy your call recordings and messages to your PC where you can store, annotate and manage them, and clear down the card to make space for more recordings.

trueCall Call Recorder cards are available that can record 70 or 140 hours of calls.

Am I allowed to record my calls?

Requirements: trueCall Message Centre software requires a PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, or an Apple Mac running OSX with PC emulation such as Parallels. Your computer needs an SD card slot or an SD/USB adaptor.