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International block

This profile is very effective if you want to stop calls from international call centres but are happy to let all other calls through.

When a call arrives with a Caller-ID starting ‘00’ or is marked as being ‘International’ or ’Unavailable’ the caller is asked to enter a code. If they enter the correct code they are let through, otherwise their call is blocked. All other callers are let straight through.

The Callers code is a 2 or 3 digit code that you can give to any friends or family who live abroad. This allows their calls to get through, while blocking overseas call centres.

Note: Some network operators send through the Caller-ID number of international calls and others don't - you can tell by checking your call list at your Internet Control Panel. If you do receive international Caller-IDs then you can add friends and family who live abroad to your Star list so they get straight through without having to enter a code.

You can change your Profile using the Handset Menu or by logging in to your Internet Control Panel.