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Off Hook Warning

Phone Off Hook
Sometimes, people will leave their phone off the hook either by knocking the phone handset out of its cradle, or by pressing the wrong button on a cordless phone handset. This makes their line engaged and leaves them uncontactable.

This is something that happens from time to time to us all, but it is a major problem for older people because friends, family members and carers will become concerned if they cannot contact them. There is also the problem that some pendant alarm systems will not work if the phone is left off the hook.

trueCall Care has an off-hook warning feature that plays an announcement through its speaker if the phone has been taken off the hook and no number has been dialled within 30 seconds. The announcement “One of your telephone handsets is off hook - please replace it” is repeatedly played until the handset is replaced.

Note - trueCall Care will not warn you if you have left a phone plugged into another extension socket off the hook.