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trueCall has a built-in voicemail system that can store hours of messages from your callers on its memory card. By using trueCall’s voicemail rather than the network voicemail or the voicemail in you phone, you allow trueCall to keep a detailed record of what has happened on each incoming call.

  • You can archive important voicemail messages by archiving them to the memory card and then copying them to your PC.
  • Record your own personal voicemail greeting.
  • There is a remote access option that allows you to listen to your messages if you dial in from another location
  • When you listen back to a message you can ask trueCall to ringback the caller directly
trueCall's voicemail is very secure - if you turn on high security only people who know your PIN will be able to listen to your messages (for example - the babysitter won't be able to listen to your messages!).