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Custom CallFlows

trueCall Call Blocker offers ten possible ways that an incoming call can be handled.

Note: Callers Code

If one of your friends calls from abroad, is calling from a line where the Caller-ID is withheld, or is just calling from a borrowed phone then trueCall will treat them as an unrecognised caller and may block their call.

trueCall has a solution to this. When they are blocked by trueCall the caller just needs to enter your 2 - 3 digit Callers Code. trueCall will recognise them as a welcome caller and will directly ring your phone.

The default Callers Code is the last two digits of the unit’s serial number, but you can set your Callers Code to something memorable in the Handset Menu or Internet Control Panel.

All the Callflows marked with an asterisk above allow the entry of a Callers Code.